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Trion's Hal Hanlin: Rift will be "sitting very comfortably in 2012 and beyond"


In a recent interview, Trion Worlds' Hal Hanlin told Eurogamer that Rift: Planes of Telara has three major factors in its favor: world-class talent, world-class technology and world-class money. Because of these factors, the team is gearing up to eat at the big boy's table come Rift's 2011 launch.

Hanlin, Rift's design producer, considers his job to fashion an immersive, exciting and engaging playscape: "I obsess over the details of design and making sure that everyone has what they need to make a game you want to bring your 20 closest friends to play."

The interview covers many of the features which Hanlin considers to be Rift's selling points, such as the dynamic invasions. Currently, the title is boasting over 100 events, but the team still has the option to include additional ones. However, quantity for the sake of quantity is not worth it. "More is not better," Hanlin said. "Better is better." As a result, one of the chief mandates of the company is to create "multiple paths" for players to choose from a variety of activities instead of a linear leveling path.

How does Hanlin see the game doing post-release? "Our longevity is going to be better than a lot of MMOs introduced to the market, because there's always something to see that's changed... I think we're going to be sitting very comfortably in 2012 and beyond."

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