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TUAW coverage of today's 'Back to the Mac' event


It's Wednesday, October 20th, and that can only mean two things: it's my wife's birthday, and there's an Apple event going on today. TUAW won't be covering my spouse's 55th birthday, but we will have plenty of coverage of all the news that comes out of the "Back to the Mac" event.

As Dave noted earlier, we now expect a QuickTime stream to be available for the event, so you should be able to watch along with us.

We'll start our liveblog coverage at 9:45 AM PDT (12:45 PM EDT) today. TUAW editors and bloggers Victor Agreda, Mike Rose, Erica Sadun, and Dave Caolo are joining me to provide commentary and reports as the news comes through. Sam Levin from AppMinute is our man on the street at the event, keeping us posted with his take on what is happening as it's happening. As with all of our liveblogs, we welcome your comments and questions in the live chat.

At 12:30 PM PDT (3:30 PM EDT), Mike Rose and I will be hosting a special early edition of TUAW TV Live. We'll be discussing the announcements from the event and sharing our opinions, and you can join us in the chat.

Throughout the day, we'll be posting detailed information about all of the announcements, so keep your browser open and pointed at We're excited about today's event, and we hope that you can experience it along with TUAW.

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