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TUAW Liveblog of the Apple 'Back to the Mac' event


By now you've probably read our predictions for today's Apple event, and we're sure that you've dusted off your crystal ball as well and come up with your own good ideas about what we'll see and hear today. Now it's time for the TUAW gang to provide you with a play-by-play and commentary of what's going on at the event through our liveblog. For those of you who are working in offices where you're not allowed to watch streaming video, we'll give you a detailed report on what's happening, even if Apple is streaming the event (so far, they haven't announced that they are).

We'll also be entertaining your questions and tweeting highlights on Twitter. Follow us on @tuaw and @tuawlive, or send your questions to us via @ask_tuaw.

Will there be news of a revised MacBook Air? How about Mac OS X 10.7 "Lion?" Perhaps the focus might be on iWork '11 and iLife '11, or cloud-based storage and apps as part of a more cloud-based MobileMe. Maybe we'll see a fusion of iOS design elements into Mac OS X, or an App Store for Macs.

Regardless of the news that we hear in the next hour or two, it's sure to be interesting, controversial, and even (in some cases) frustrating. There may be devices that ship today, but some things we hear about might not make it from Cupertino for another year.

We have a guest blogger providing TUAW with content from the event today: Sam Levin from AppMinute, who joined me a few weeks ago on TUAW TV Live. Sam is there with his iPad in hand, and he'll be updating us live from the floor. And now? Enjoy the show. The actual Apple event is scheduled to begin at 10 AM PDT.

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