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Demon's Souls shifts Atlus to black profit tendency


Index Holdings, parent company of Atlus, has released its financial results (PDF) for its fiscal 2010, which ended August 31. Things are looking rosy for Atlus USA, thanks largely to the dark and depressing Demon's Souls, which the company points to as a major factor in raising profits. Index Holdings reported that Atlus USA made ¥3.299 billion ($40.7 million) in sales for the year, up from ¥2.732 billion ($33.6 million) in 2009. More importantly, the company posted an operating income of ¥407 million ($5 million), which compares very favorably to last year's loss of ¥104 million ($1.2 million).

Hey Atlus, how about we celebrate by shifting Demon's Souls to white tendency for a little while? Please?

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