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IPad is affecting the hard drive industry, but MacBook Air could deal a fatal blow


A piece of news that got brushed aside for a bit yesterday due to the "Back to the Mac" event, Western Digital chief executive John Coyne said that the company has taken a hit due to the iPad's popularity. The result is a 10 to 20 percent drop in shipments of hard drives for low-end netbooks and laptops over the next few quarters, he said.

Granted, Coyne is probably popping antacids after yesterday's MacBook Air announcement. With up to 256GB of flash storage on the logic board, Apple is definitely making the point that the future of storage for laptops, netbooks and tablets is not a disk-based hard drive.

What will save the hard drive industry at the moment? Coyne urged investors to look at long-term storage solutions, where the disk-based hard drive reigns supreme ... that is unless Apple comes out with a flash memory-based Time Capsule.

[Via AppleInsider]

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