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NBA Jam sets PS3 and Xbox 360 on fire Nov. 17


EA has finally revealed the launch details for the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of NBA Jam, originally to be given away with NBA Elite 11. The arcade basketball title will slam dunk into retail on November 17, for the same $50 price point as the Wii version. Effectively, it replaces NBA Elite 11 as EA's holiday basketball game (though analyst Michael Pachter has predicted that it won't be an adequate replacement). In fact, we're pretty sure someone at EA is desperately trying to perform a Jedi mind trick on us now, to convince us that there was never anything called NBA Elite, and Jam has always been the plan.

You'll be able to play Classic 2-on-2 mode online on day one, but EA plans to add several additional online features in a December title update -- features like various "Remix Games," four-player Jam Party mode, and an Online Progression mode in which players build their character by taking them through a series of online challenges. The fact that all the online features aren't ready for launch adds more credence to the idea that EA is using this to plug an Elite-shaped hole.

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