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New Apple Store opens in Australia, and a sneak preview of the new Chicago store


Apple celebrated the opening of another retail store in Australia, the fifth such store in the state of New South Wales, and the tenth in the country. The Charlestown Apple Store had a grand opening today at 5:00pm, and TUAW reader Paul L. was on hand for the festivities, replete with the usual blue-shirted employees and lines of customers. He says he waited in line and got a black store opening t-shirt for his troubles, but unfortunately, there's no word on which of yesterday's big announcements, if any, were on display in-store.

Elsewhere in the world of Apple retail, the Chicago Tribune's blog site has a great sneak preview of that Chicago Apple Store that's opening up this weekend. This is that store at the North/Clybourn stop that Apple spent $4 million on, with the city's blessing, to not only design a new three-sided Apple Store, but also completely renovate the El stop nearby. Turns out the store is a "Significant Store" for the company -- rather than just imitate the normal design, Chicago's new store was specifically designed for the area that it's in.

Sounds fascinating -- the store in Chicago officially opens to the public on Saturday. I'd love to go if I was still in town (I actually used to help manage the Borders directly across the street from it), but since I've moved out to the West Coast, we'll have to recruit some of you readers. If you go to the Chicago store opening this weekend, be sure to send pics and tell us how it all went.

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