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Players speak and devs deliver: LotRO's new vault system and EU preview event on the way


Quite often the mark of a good company is how it responds to player dissatisfaction. While it may be riding high on cloud money as of late, Lord of the Rings Online's recent decisions have not made all of its players happy, and both Turbine and Codemasters are taking steps to rectify these situations.

Although Turbine touted the revised "Vault 2.0" bank system as superior to the old inventory system, many found it difficult to organize and sort. As a result, a new dev diary is showing off the third iteration of the vault system, which uses a cleaner interface of tabs and rows to help players keep their hundreds of items in the proper place. LotRO's Vault 3.0 is far more customizable, can auto-sort items, and even offers tabs to allow players to switch between the vault, wardrobe and shared storage within the same interface.

On the European front, it seems as if there's finally movement toward the promised free-to-play launch with a new preview event. Starting next Monday, October 25th, EU players are invited to hop on to the test server and give it a whirl. As a reward for participating, Codemasters will be gifting 500 points toward the store to all testers. Interested parties may trek over to the preview sign-up page to be a part of this momentous occasion.

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