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Rumor: Killzone 3 collector's edition features Helghast goggles


According to an apparently now-pulled page (via PlayStation LifeStyle) over on the European version of the official Killzone 3 site, Sony intends to offer the game in three different flavors: standard, limited and collector's editions. As you can see in the screenshot above, snagged by PlayStation LifeStyle, it appears there will be bonus content offered -- specifically, the "Blood and Thunder" map pack, a gift card for an unspecified retailer, and a pair of Helghast goggles.

It's not too shocking, considering people gobble up working RC spy cars and statues, not to mention the pioneer in goggles-plus-game bundle, the Modern Warfare 2 "Prestige Edition." But with Killzone 3 incorporating 3D tech, we wonder if these proposed Helghast goggles will work with that? Probably not, but we're still trying to confirm the exact nature of these bundles and if they actually exist. Right now, Google is helping us lean towards this actually being a thing (check out the first result).

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