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SNK bringing Trouble Witches to XBLA [Update: English trailer and screens]


Update: A benevolent tipster has pointed us to some screens and the official English trailer for Trouble Witches Neo. Check out the screens in the gallery below and find the trailer after the break. Thanks, SAB CA!

What's that? You say you want another Japanese shooter on your Xbox 360? Well, SNK Playmore is happy to oblige! The company has announced that it's bringing Trouble Witches Neo to Xbox Live Arcade. Andriasang notes that Trouble Witches originated on PC back in 2007 and was brought to arcades in 2009. It features witches -- presumably troublesome ones -- shooting up baddies in a 2D side-scrolling environment. Trouble Witches Neo includes an additional character Sakurako Kujou, new modes and some sort of Xbox Live support (which could be nothing more than leaderboards).

Trouble Witches Neo is expected to release this winter for 800 MS Points ($10). Siliconera also notes that the game has been rated both by Germany's USK and the Australian Classification Board, so it appears it will be released outside of Japan as well. See gameplay of the original version after the break.

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