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Agent 47 voice actor pleads the 5th on Hitman 5


In an interview with The Liberty, David Bateson, the ice cold voice of Agent 47 in the Hitman games, was reluctant to say much about the mysterious next sequel in the series. "As recently as this year, I even had someone call me up from IO Interactive to ask me to remove the fact that I was set to record the next installment in the franchise," Bateson told the site, "which I had written up as upcoming news on my website. I respect that of course, a comment like that can create all sorts of headaches to people with development deadlines to meet."

"I have to plead the 5th Amendment on this one," Bateson said, before admitting that the new project has undergone "delays" -- despite the process being "a well oiled machine on recording day." That's not to say he just waltzed into the gig.

"It seems that with company buy outs and global power shifts in the world of computer gaming and the Hitman franchise, there is now an LA-based caster on board, who is responsible for voice casting, and I had to audition along with the rest of the planet for the right to play Agent 47," Bateson recounted. "However, I have been informed by IO Interactive that I still have the part. I won't even bother to describe how gutted I would have been if they went for a sound-a-like."

Bateson was not extended the same courtesy when it came to 2007's Hitman movie, which starred Timothy Olyphant. Though he offered to fly himself out for a screen test, Fox never took him up on the free audition. When asked what he thought about the final cut, Agent 47 Bateson said coldly, "I didn't like it." Still, Bateman is open to an appearance, if not a starring role in the sequel. "There is a plot afoot to have me in the film in some kind of cameo role – just to satisfy the fans of the game."

Likely mixing up his Eidos game movies (though, you never know), Bateman added, "Mind you, I think Bruce Willis is more than enough excitement for all of us fans of Hitman. I think he is good casting – let's hope Hollywood doesn't cock it up this time."

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