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ArcheAge beta video highlights naval battles

Jef Reahard

ArcheAge is something of a mysterious title here in the west. We know it's being developed by XL Games, and is the brainchild of NCSoft veteran Jake Song (who also created Lineage). We've also heard tell of destructible architecture in the gameworld as well as the fact that the developers are powering the game with the CryENGINE 2 (a more advanced variant of the graphics powerplant behind Aion).

Beyond that, we didn't know much else about ArcheAge before we stumbled on a new beta video recently posted to YouTube. The brief clip features some rather jaw-dropping footage of player ships and an in-game naval battle. While player ships have been done before (notably in Vanguard and Darkfall), you've never seen them like this. Aside from the impressive visuals, the video shows player characters in different crew positions (including the crow's nest) as well as recoiling cannons and a host of other interesting details.

Stay with Massively for the latest ArcheAge news as it develops, and check out the footage after the jump.

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