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DC Universe shows off iconic suits and James Marsters

Jef Reahard

Riddle me this: what do an ex-Buffy villain, Wonder Woman, and Black Adam have in common? The answer is, not much, aside from the fact that they're all starring in a pair of new DC Universe Online promotional videos. Now, before any purists get up in arms, the ex-Buffy villain in question is James Marsters, better to known to some as the vampire Spike. While he won't be bringing his fangs and smashing British accent to Metropolis or Gotham City, he will be voicing the nefarious Lex Luthor, and SOE has released a two minute clip featuring gameplay footage and interviews with the actor.

Wonder Woman and Black Adam take center stage in the second clip, which focuses on the iconic armor suits available to players in the game. Whether your DC legend is a hero or a villain, unlocking the power and prestige of one of these endgame suits looks to be one the game's progression goals according to the video narrated by game director Chris Cao.

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