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iPhone's Mushihimesama Bug Panic! features former Castlevania composer


We haven't heard from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (and subsequent 'Vanias) composer Michiru Yamane since she left Konami early this year. Good news for those of you wondering what she's been up to: we found her in a Cave!

... game. A Cave game. For iPhone. The trailer for Mushihimesama Bug Panic, after the break, reveals that Yamane provided the music for the iPhone original, alongside Mica Nozawa. Judging by the trailer and its energetic pop theme, Yamane's work is very different from her Castlevania style. As for the game, it's also a departure. It's not a shmup (for once) -- it's an action-adventure game starring Princess Reco from the shooter Mushihimesama.

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