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Pixel artist releases free pack of gaming-related Minecraft character skins


Sure, you've created a working computer in Minecraft, or recreated a Mega Man game, but maybe you should spend a little time customizing the most important part of that blocky world: yourself. Pixel artist Gary Lucken, also known as Army of Trolls, has created a pack of 15 different Minecraft character skins featuring video game luminaries like Mario Link and Viewtiful Joe, plus Street Fighter's Ken and Ryu. The pack also has a few Star Wars characters in it, along with some Halloween and miscellaneous skins.

Of course, given that Minecraft is basically a first-person game, you won't be able to tell what you look like, but we're sure everyone else on your server will appreciate seeing you bounding around as a Cactuar. The pack is a free download from Lucken's website -- just grab the skin you want and upload it right into Minecraft to use.

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