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BlizzCon 2010: WoW Magazine issue 3 revealed

Matt Low

I managed to have a quick chat with Andy Salisbury of the World of Warcraft magazine. The big thing, though, is that issue 3 shipped Thursday the 21st. Subscribers will have many articles to look forward to in regards to Cataclysm.

Some highlights right after the jump.

I don't want to spoil too much of what's in the latest issue of the magazine, but here are just some of the topics that are being covered.

Political changes A breakdown of all the political changes happening for both the Horde and the Alliance -- who the power players are and what the leaders are up to, that sort of thing.

Metzen massive interview The magazine sits down with Chris Metzen and discusses a variety of issues. One of them is the progress of the Warcraft movie.

Ashbringer A large piece about Ashbringer about the history of the weapon.

Beta testing Actual beta testers discussing the content and their thoughts on the topic of beta testing itself. What is it like beta testing and why do they do it?

Mountaholics Several players who are mount happy get interviewed regarding their passion with mount collecting. Is there a title somewhere for mountaholics? I'm stuck at 70 myself and these players have over 100.

Costumes How cosplayers create their costumes and how to get started with cosplaying.

Ruby Sanctum An in-depth look at the final instance that was added to Wrath of the Lich King.

Guild meetups Stories from players and their guilds having meetups and activities.

Stat changes For both Cataclysm and 4.0.1. Which stats stayed, which stats went away and which were combined.

Item design This is my personal favorite. I've always wondered how the item design team figures out the loot distribution for instances. We learn about that in this article along with stat budgeting and where some of the names come from.

Auction house There's something in it for the money makers too! What professions to use, what items sell well and what are the recommended auction house addons to use.

DC action figures Interview with the sculptors and information about the painting process. Did you know they hand paint those?

Retaking Echo Isles and Gnomeregan Additional backstory on both the gnomes and trolls retaking their homeland.

Eye of the Storm tactics Haven't forgotten about the PvP players either! Strategies and information for Eye of the Storm!

Doomhammer Remember how an actual Frostmourne was made? Well, they've started work on an actual Doomhammer. The previews look really awesome!

For additional previews, head on over to the official World of Warcraft magazine site (and check them out here).

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