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BlizzCon 2010: WoW Insider Reader meetup recap

Joe Perez

I am quite happy to report that the WoW Insider BlizzCon 2010 reader meetup was a huge success! The patio near the poolside of the Anabella hotel was full of our wonderful readers, and I know we here at WoW Insider had an awesome time meeting all of you. For those of you who couldn't come to join us at this year's BlizzCon, I hope you got a chance to tune into the live stream of the event.

Now, not only did we get to meet you, our loyal readers, but we also had a ton of prizes to give away both through our live stream and on site at the Anabella. Cryptozoic was there handing out boosters of of its current Icecrown TCG expansion, as well as a handing out quite a few loot cards, including the Wooly White Rhino and Blazing Hippogryph. Razer and Steelseries also provided loot in the form of Razer Naga mice, amazing mouse pads, Zboard keyboards and awesome headsets, and we would like to give them a big thank-you for supplying us with some truly amazing prizes for our readers including MMO-Mumble! For those of you who either couldn't join us live or on the web, I'd like to recap the events of a most wonderful evening.

Photos courtesy of Mari Provencher.

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Mathew McCurley was your master of ceremonies for the evening, with a little backup from yours truly, Fox Van Allen and Tyler Caraway as well as the lovely Cynthia of the Apotheosis Agency (see first pic above in the gallery). The evening started with questions about lore, epic challenges of wit and faction-based knowledge. Many prizes were won, and you could feel the excitement in the air as everyone gathered around the mic. We continued to test your knowledge of all things World of Warcraft, as well as get your opinions on the upcoming Cataclysm expansion, your past victories over the opposing faction, and what you liked best about your class.

Throughout the evening we were also joined by many people that you may know. Aron Eisenberg, otherwise known as Nog from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, joined us to share a little bit bout what he likes most about playing WoW. Noor the Pacifist also joined us live to talk with us a little bit about his excitement of the upcoming expansion as well as for BlizzCon 2010, and we were treated to the comedy stylings of Jeff Reitman who had us all laughing out loud. The Nervigs also came by and brought with them their Lego Booty Bay for everyone to see. While we were having a blast with everyone by the pool, the livestream also had it's own set of visitors. Oxhorn of WoW movie-making fame joined us for a little while, as well as Michelle Morrow. Even Felicia Day from The Guild stopped by to say hello and talk with us for a little along with her co-stars Robin Thorsen and Vincent Caso.

It was a truly epic evening, that was made even better thanks to you, our readers. I hope everyone had a great time this year, and I know I for one can't wait to see you all again next year.

BlizzCon 2010 is upon us! WoW Insider has all the latest news and information. We're bringing you liveblogging of the WoW panels, interviews with WoW celebrities and attendees and of course, lots of pictures of people in costumes. It's all here at WoW Insider!

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