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Vindictus invaded by pumpkin-headed vampires and skimpier costumes

Just when you thought it was safe to wander into the raucous carnage of Nexon's Vindictus, their "Fall Fear Festival" Halloween event is here. Indeed, these normally bloody lands have been invaded by vampires who appear to have mistakenly left their fangs at home, forgot that vampires are normally quite allergic to fire, and instead slapped their Headless Horsemen costumes on. (Perhaps they were a little drunk on AB+ at the time this picture was taken? Who knows.) Although, if you take down enough of these confused creatures of the night, you can be rewarded with the 'Mashing Pumpkins" title.

Along with the festivities, there's also new goodies for players to pick up in the form of a pretty awesome full-body skeleton costume for Lann, and what can only be termed a "bikini with a skull on it" for Fiona. Oh, wait, that's an "inner armor" costume, which just makes us wonder what the point is if you're smacking armor over it. We'll add that to the "we'll never know" column right next to that age-old question about how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie-roll pop.

If you're curious for a peek at what the new Vindictus holiday events look like, as well as the costumes, check out the newest screenshots in our gallery below.

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