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BlizzCon 2010: Guilds meet up around BlizzCon fun


Players didn't only trickle into BlizzCon's realm meetup area in singles and pairs. Many guilds have used the con as an opportunity to stage annual guild meetups, flying in for an epic guild-centered weekend that includes BlizzCon not as the centerpiece but the icing on the cake. <GNERDS> of Frostwolf (US-A), together since vanilla WoW's beta, used the weekend as a hub for one of its regular real-world meetups.

Some 25 guildmates gathered from as far as Washington and Texas for the meetup, including Alex Mueller (aka Sparco the holy paladin), GM of <GNERDS>. Despite the fact that none of the guild's members knew each other before playing WoW together, they're all fast friends now. "We don't call each other by our character names anymore," Alex reports. (In fact, Alex proposed to his wife, also a member of the guild, during BlizzCon two years ago.)

The group planned to spend the rest of the weekend hanging out at the homes of local players before scattering again, to resume their friendship via Vent and guildchat.

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