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Team Ninja head sounds off on 3DS development, motion control

Team Ninja has repeatedly proven itself to be one of the great reformers of fast-paced hyperviolent action games -- it should come as no surprise that the studio's new leader, Yosuke Hayashi, has a few things to say about the broader changes affecting the industry. In an interview with Gamasutra, Hayashi discussed his feelings on the way Team Ninja has been operating post-Metroid: Other M, as well as how the studio feels about new motion control technology and the 3DS.

The studio has a vested interest in the latter, having recently announced an entry into the Dead or Alive franchise on the eye-popping handheld. Hayashi explained the studio is "having fun" figuring out how to effectively use the 3D display -- though he figures gamers familiar with the franchise are expecting more than a bit of 3D ... jiggling. Of the fighters' ... assets. Why, we would never, sir.

Check out the full Gamasutra interview for more of Hayashi's thoughts on the industry big trends.

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