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Hollywood's love affair with the iPad


The New York Times reports that the iPad is catching on in Hollywood, attracting actors, writers, producers and other personalities looking to alter their workflow or even get in a few rounds of Angry Birds between takes.

The Times begins by describing a meeting between director JJ Abrams, Damon Lindelof and producer Bob Orci (among others) about the upcoming Star Trek movie. As the group talked, Orci used is his iPad to flip through potential location photos, stills from the first movie and a picture of an actress under consideration. He told the Times, "When you're carrying a little TV around, you bring the power of imagery to places that you don't normally have it."

Scenes like this are becoming increasingly common. The Times notes that former American Idol judge Paula Abdul has used an iPad to show off her new music video, while actress Julie Benz enjoys Angry Birds during downtime. "It's perfect for the long hours here," she said.

Apple is also enjoying a good amount of product placement lately, which the company claims it doesn't pay for. A recent episode of NBC's The Office had a character use his iPad to find the time, and ABC's Modern Family devoted an entire episode around the tablet in March.. In fact, the Nielsen Company reports that Apple products have appeared about 2,438 times on television programs through September of this year. All of that adds up to buzz and free advertisement for Apple.

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