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Home Shopping Network pitches the Kinect


"Now, it you're wondering what in the world is Xbox 360 Kinect, we're giving you an idea of what it is: Gaming is a big part of it, but there's even more! Because there's a feature called 'Xbox Live Entertainment' that's going to allow you to not only play your favorite games, but you will be able to now go ahead and download movies; you can download music; you're going to be able to access your Facebook and your Twitter; and there's a lot more to this.

"The interesting thing about Xbox 360 is that you get rid of con-trollers -- there's no controllers!

"So Cory Bergeron is our gaming expert, and he's going to show you how your body -- and check out what Cory's doing -- your body is the actual controller for Xbox 360 Kinect!"

"You're talking about something that was the future, yesterday."

[Thanks cool8man & Svetlana!]

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