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Is your new Apple TV skipping frames?


Apple's new $99 Apple TV may be getting a lot more fans than its predecessor, but early reports from a number of users are indicating that the streaming video on the device sometimes skips frames.

As reported on 9to5Mac and relayed by several of our readers from personal experience, the issue may not be apparent to everyone, but it can be annoying enough to those who know what to look for that they'd like to use the device for target practice.

An Emmy-nominated editor who sent 9to5 an email about the issue noted that the motion stops for a frame, then it skips the next frame to catch up. The problem is most apparent where there is motion in a scene, and it didn't occur with the same video sources on the old Apple TV.

The issue is receiving a fair number of discussion forum entries on the Apple Support site, so there is hope that a future update to the firmware on the new Apple TV will be forthcoming to resolve the problem.

Have you experienced this issue? We'd like to know. Leave a comment below telling us about your experiences with the new Apple TV.

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