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Madden 11 finally gets oft-requested Doritos 3D functionality

In one of the most bizarre yet unavoidable cross-promotions to ever rear its head in the video game industry, EA Sports and Doritos Flavor-Dusted Corn Chips™ have announced a new "Doritos 3-D mode" accessible in Madden 11. To unlock the new visuals, which we assume introduce a 3D effect into the game (and don't turn everything on the field into Doritos), you've got to enter in a code found in specially marked packs of the aforementioned snack chips, then strap on a pair of old-school red-and-cyan glasses -- or the Doritos-branded glasses currently on sale for $2.99. (Fun fact: the glasses and the snack taste about the same!)

We'd love to see exactly what "Doritos 3-D mode" entails, but unfortunately, these codes are only available in packs of Cool Ranch and Nacho Cheese 'itos. Our refined palette requires more sophisticated flavor-hues, like Ragin' Lobster Bisque and Extreme Herbes de Provence Chicken with Mushroom Reduction.

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