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This Wednesday: Pinball FX 2 comes to XBLA [Update 3: Bloody Good Time or Haunted House released late]


It's set to be another packed Wednesday for Xbox Live Arcade releases. First, the previously delayed Pinball FX 2 will bring its bumpers to the table. Plus, Ubisoft's humorous FPS Bloody Good Time is set to debut. And as if those weren't enough, GamerBytes reports 3D Ultra Minigolf Adventures 2 (finally, a sequel!) and Atari's reboot of Haunted House will be released this Wednesday, as well.

Oh, no -- we're not done yet: The Hydro Thunder Hurricane Tempest Pack DLC is also coming out this Wednesday ... Okay, we're done now.

Update: Microsoft's Graeme Boyd (a.k.a. AceyBongos) has tweeted that both Bloody Good Time and Haunted House are not confirmed for release this week. Of course, Boyd's wording indicates that both releases could still happen.

Update 2: Wednesday has arrived and, sure enough, only 3D Ultra MiniGolf Adventures 2 and Pinball FX2 have been released.

Update 3: Okay, last one, we promise. Bloody Good Time and Haunted House have now been released. A day late.

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