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Carphone Warehouse getting Nexus Two in time for holidays?

Chris Ziegler

This is kinda out of the blue, but British publication City A.M. is claiming that Google has inked a deal with wireless retail giant Carphone Warehouse to exclusively sell a Nexus Two -- the mythical successor to the Nexus One -- in time for Christmas this year. Little else is offered, though the story claims that it'll run Gingerbread and probably won't be manufactured by Samsung. Of course, Google has already gone on the record basically declaring the Nexus One's sales model a failure, though it specifically cited customers' inability to get hands-on time with the phone before buying it as a big problem -- and signing up with a behemoth like Carphone Warehouse would certainly solve it. It's unclear whether regions outside the retailer's sphere of influence would also be on board, though it's important to note that Carphone Warehouse is in bed with Best Buy Mobile in the States... so if you believe the rumor, feel free to start lining up in front of your local big box right now.

[Thanks, Alex]

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