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DC Universe Online reveals the Scarecrow

Jef Reahard

SOE has taken the wraps off another iconic villain in DC Universe Online via a new screenshot gallery. This time around the subject is one of the original internet tough guys: Johnathan Crane, also known as the Scarecrow. Crane suffered through an awkward childhood as a result of his uncanny resemblance to Ichabod Crane, eventually parleying his academic brilliance into a position of some notoriety at Gotham University.

After a series of unethical experiments involving his students and the nature of fear, Crane was dismissed by the university board of regents. His fall from grace lead to prolonged episodes of psychosis and gave birth to the Scarecrow, a straw and sackcloth-wearing villain who preys on the fears of his enemies using a variety of psychological and chemical weapons.

Check out all the new screens in our gallery below.

Gallery: DCUO reveals the Scarecrow | 9 Photos

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