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DS overrun by Lovable Zombies in Japan


Chunsoft's latest DS game is a departure from both of the things the developer is known for (sound novels and Mystery Dungeon games). Zombie Daisuki ("I Love Zombie," or as Siliconera translates it, "Lovable Zombie") is an action-strategy game in which players use the stylus to circle groups of adorable rotting humans and direct them toward the malevolent humans who have made them this way. Your zombies will attack enemies on sight. It sounds kind of like a Pikmin or Little King's Story-style experience, except with minions that can be distracted by both raw meat and cute animals.

In addition to this zombie-wrangling gameplay, there's a multiplayer "deadsal" ("dead" plus "futsal") game and a boss rush mode for up to four players -- no doubt inspired by Monster Hunter. Chunsoft will unleash the zombie love plague on Japan in January.

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