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Elemental purchases before Oct. 31 to receive first two expansions free


Elemental: War of Magic's road to redemption is being paved with free stuff -- for those willing to take the ride. Stardock CEO Brad Wardell announced today on the game's forums that anyone who purchases (or already bought) the game before October 31, 2010, will receive the first two expansions to the game for free.

The company has been working to turn around the game's "disastrous" launch by showing it plans not to abandon the 4X strategy title. A major sign of support came earlier this month when Stardock hired Derek "Kael" Paxton as the studio's senior producer. Paxton is the creator of the popular Civilization über-mod Fall from Heaven.

Stardock plans to begin the beta testing of Elemental version 1.1 in early November. Owners of the game have the option to opt-in and find out how Elemental is evolving.

[Thanks, Chris P.]

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