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Garmin may have an iPhone app store offering

Mel Martin

It's been couple of rocky years for Garmin. They offered a GPS phone to compete with the iPhone, but it didn't sell well. It was a good navigator, but not a very compelling phone. Then Garmin tied up with ASUS to bring an Android and Windows Mobile version of the phone to market. That pretty much cratered too, and now it looks like the Garmin and ASUS partnership will dissolve in January.

Now there are reports that Garmin will pursue the app business, and that may include an iPhone version. It's probably what Garmin should have aimed for at the start. With Garmin out of the cellphone business the way is clear to develop apps for the new Windows Phone 7, iOS devices, and the Android phones.

The company won't disclose sales figures for the phones sold under the ASUS partnership, but it's a likely bet Garmin will be joining Navigon, TomTom, Magellan and others in the app store.

In the past Garmin has developed and sold products for Mac desktops and laptops, but support has been very spotty.

[via the Kansas City Star]

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