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iPhone-shaped soap smells like sausage


Sure, an iPhone-shaped soap bar is fun as it is, but surely there's something else that can be added to make it even more enjoyable, no? Etsy user twoeggplants decided to answer that question with a resounding yes, and is selling an iPhone-shaped bar of soap that just happens to smell like grilled meats while you use it. I kind of wish my actual iPhone smelled like grilled sausage -- I wouldn't want the grease on it, but the scent would be fine to have around.

Apparently the scent can be customized, so if you'd rather have a more traditional soap smell (like, oh I don't know, something which smells like apples), you can go with that. It's also out of stock at the moment, which is usually what happens when something cool on Etsy gets discovered by a few blogs. But just the idea of a sausage-smelling iPhone soap is pretty fun anyway.

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