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One Shots: Let me stand next to your fire

It appears that our own Massively Mob members are chasing those crazy achievements in Guild Wars of late. The good news is that since everyone is questing so much, it's taking people into gorgeous areas. As such, they're reporting back to us with amazing screenshots from within Guild Wars! Today's awesome One Shots comes to us from Mob member Reg, who writes in to explain this fiery scene: "My quest for 30 points on the Guild Wars 2 calculator sent me into Sorrow's Furnace to unlock the Black Moa Chick mini-pet. This was my first time there, so when I saw this view I just sorta stopped and was amazed at it all -- figured it was time for a screenshot! I did go on to beat the Iron Forgeman, unlocking the Black Moa Chick AND the Eternal Conquerer of Sorrow's Forge MoH statue AND completing a Zaishen Bounty; 30 Points!!! Now for that Obsidian armor set."

From large to small, we love MMOs. We know you love them too, or you wouldn't be here. So, while you're out adventuring, why not snap a screenshot for us? Email those in to along with your name, the name of the game, and a description of what we're seeing. Yours could wind up being the next one we feature here on Massively!

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