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The Daily Grind: What's your favorite collector's edition?

Jef Reahard

While many of you prefer digital downloads to retail packaging judging by a recent Daily Grind, collector's edition boxes continue to roll out of MMO studios for virtually every major release. Whether you've pre-ordered the Cataclysm or DC Universe packages, or you've recently picked up a sealed gem from the bargain bin, there's no shortage of MMORPG art books, figurines, maps, soundtracks, and in-game items to be had on the open market.

Quality varies widely along with quantity, from the sublime (Age of Conan's stunning 128-page art book and Final Fantasy XIV's leather-bound diary) to the sub-par (Lord of the Ring's Online's somewhat flimsy cardboard sleeve).

The question of the day, dear readers, is which of these packages is your favorite? Is it due to the packaging/contents itself or the in-game bonuses?
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