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ASUS gets in on the touch mouse craze with the puck-shaped WX-DL

Tim Stevens

Pity the poor fools who show up to the next LAN party with a mouse that doesn't have a capacitive top. These days it's touch-sensitivity or bust, and ASUS is latest in line, launching its WX-DL. This one takes its buttonless inspiration from the Magic Mouse but its design from another Cupertino creation: the puck-shape Apple USB Mouse. That rodent came with the 1998 iMac and was basically hated by everyone who placed a hand on it. It remains to be seen whether the slight tilt of this one (shown after the break) will make it more palatable to the digits of computer users everywhere, but it is at least suitably equipped with a 1200dpi laser sensor, 2.4GHz wireless connection, and a suite of media controls baked with care into the top of this aluminum cookie. Its yours for $80, so who wants to take a bite?

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