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Bioshock 2 DLC and patch back in development for PC

You may recall the manner in which the internet exploded earlier this month, when 2K Games explained that no single-player BioShock 2 DLC or future patches were in development for the PC version of the game. It's time for these oft-scorned gamers to take back all the mean things they said upon hearing that news. 2K Games reversed its position in light of the passionate response from its community and has "resumed development" on the excellent "Minerva's Den" and "Protector Trials" DLC, as well as on the game's final patch.

A 2K representative said on the game's official forums that the patch and Protector Trials should get through certification in December, at which point they'll both be released to the PC community for free. The company has no idea when Minerva's Den will be finished, but 2K has allocated resources to completing its PC version. See? Everything's going to be fine. Just ... put down that giant, deadly drill, okay?

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