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Gal Gun doesn't want you being seen playing Gal Gun


Gal Gun is embarrassing. Ludwig learned this firsthand while playing the Xbox 360 shooting game at Tokyo Game Show. It's so embarrassing that even developer Inti Creates and publisher Alchemist had to acknowledge the fact that players wouldn't want to be seen playing it. The developer has implemented a panic button that instantly puts a fake 8-bit game on the screen, with authentic animations and sounds.

This is referred to as a "Mama kita gamen," or "Mom arrived screen," which, oddly, is exactly the nightmare scenario Ludwig envisioned in the preview. Either he tapped into a universal fear of having one's mother see Gal Gun, or Ludwig's coverage inspired this option.

In other news, Gal Gun will be released in Japan on January 27. You can go ahead and forget about importing it as a gag gift or an odd conversation piece, because it's going to cost ¥7,140 ($87).

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