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Global Agenda server coming down for 1.38 patch

Jef Reahard

Ready to get your frag on with Massively's Global Agenda Halloween event? First make sure you patch up to the latest client build (version 1.38) which hits the live server today. Scheduled downtime is currently listed as 11:30 am to 5:00 pm Eastern, and the patch will be introducing a fairly large number of changes to Hi-Rez Studios' third person shooter MMO.

Chief among the tweaks are new weapon loot drops, new achievements and associated rewards, a challenge function, and an inventory overhaul that sees most items shared across your account rather than specific to certain characters. The challenge mechanic enables pre-made 4-man teams to /challenge one another, and can be used for everything from impromptu shootouts to player-run tourneys and brackets.

Hi-Rez has made the full patch notes available for your perusal, so head over to the official website and check them out.

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