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Ilomilo still headed to XBLA, with Meat Boy cameo and DLC


Meat Boy will messily make his way to other platforms eventually, but those of you looking for more meaty goodness on your Xbox 360 will be glad to hear he's making an appearance in the forthcoming XBLA "dawwww!" evoker Ilomilo. A fully cubed version of Meat Boy was outed on the Ilomilo dev blog, though representatives confirmed he won't be playable. Southend Interactive has also teased that other, familiar characters will be making non-playable cameos, but wouldn't give us any hints as to who they might be.

Additionally, the developer has revealed at least one DLC pack for Ilomilo in "Autumn Tale," which will include "Chapters 5 and 6" of the adventure and is expected to be priced at 400 Microsoft Points ($5). Oh, and in case the recent announcement of Ilomilo's AT&T exclusivity had you worried, Southend reassures us, "Don't worry dear XBLA users, the game is definitely on its way and there are no plans on changing that." Exactly when the game will arrive, however, is still up in the air.

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