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Irrational introduces 'Monster Island' ... which we'll never play


We think Bioshock Infinite looks great and all, but after seeing developer Irrational Games' decade-old pitch for a game about Godzilla-style monsters versus the humans trying to destroy them, we can't help but look at Infinite with a bit of contempt. Sure, it's irrational to think this pitch is what the team would be making if they weren't making the next BioShock -- but we are talking about Irrational Games here!

"The pitch promised some 20 monsters, a living city, heavily destructible environments, and a dynamic civil defense network," Irrational's Chris Remo recounted in the studio's latest "From the Vault" feature. The game would have let players control either a monster or the defending forces.

To twist the knife, Irrational artist Jorce Lacera went back and illustrated some concept art for the unmade game, including the image above and a reimagining of the classic movie monster Anguirus. Check out the article and spend the rest of the day dreaming about what will never happen.

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