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YouTube app gets refreshed for Android, Eclair users need not apply

Chris Ziegler

In case you didn't already figure this out from the Gmail or Maps apps, Google's definitely getting into this whole separate-the-apps-from-the-platform thing -- and the latest to join the party is Android's in-built YouTube player. The updated version has been live for a few days in the Market now, though only Android 2.2 devices are getting in on the fun; the Android 2.1 riffraff is getting left out in the cold this time around, which notably means the lion's share of Galaxy S users aren't able to benefit just yet. That said, the new version seems like a nice boost with the addition of a portrait viewing mode, perfect for those times when you're too lazy to rotate your phone 90 degrees counter-clockwise (trust us, we've been there). So go on, grab it -- if you haven't already -- and watch your productivity drop to a nice, stable zero.

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