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Dead Rising 2 ships 2 million, Blue Castle Games renamed


Capcom announced this morning that Dead Rising 2 has shipped over two million units globally, making it more successful than the original zombie survival sandbox. The company also stated that the Dead Rising franchise has shipped over four million units globally. That math likely entails the couple million copies from the sequel, the "million-plus" from the original Dead Rising, and ... oh boy, whatever Dead Rising: Chop Till you Drop shipped. It's unclear if Capcom's "most dynamic sales weapon" ever, Dead Rising 2: Case Zero, would be included in there -- considering it didn't "ship" so much as "sell" half a million units on Xbox Live Arcade.

The publisher also announced that its acquisition of Blue Castle Games was approved by Canadian authorities. The studio will now be known as Capcom Game Studio Vancouver. Will CGSV be entrusted with other Capcom franchises, or will it remain in the company of the living dead?

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