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Dell Venue hits the FCC: is this the Thunder's new name?

Chris Ziegler

Yes, that's right, just "Venue," not Venue Pro -- and from a glance, it looks to us like this might be the new name for the Thunder Android phone we played with a little while ago judging by this FCC filing that just crossed the wires. As far as we can tell, this thing is basically a carbon copy of the Venue Pro, except it's running Android instead of Windows Phone 7 and drops the sliding portrait keyboard in favor of a full-touch setup. Notably, the curved glass 4.1-inch AMOLED display carries over, so that should make the design nerds in the audience swoon a bit. Additionally, turns out there's a Bluetooth SIG certification under the same model name -- V03B -- that confirms the display's specs and the fact that it's a "smartphone" (whew!). Stay tuned on this one -- something tells us we won't be waiting terribly long for an announce.

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