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Enslaved DLC adds 3D, has Pigsy looking for love


The critically well-received action adventure Enslaved's first piece of premium DLC will include "Pigsy's Perfect 10," a playable side-story, and add TriOviz 3D support to the game. Namco Bandai announced today that the $10 (800 Microsoft Points) DLC will be available "later this year" on PlayStation Network and Xbox 360.

Pigsy, the zaftig companion of svelte Enslaved characters Monkey and Trip, will encounter an adventure focused on "stealth and sharp-shooting." As long as there are no long stairways or narrow columns, we figure he'll be just fine. The quest will involve Pigsy assembling parts to create the "perfect woman."

The DLC will add 3D to both the new side story and the original game. So, be sure to save up your dirty clothes, because once Monkey's in 3D you'll be able to do your laundry on those washboard abs.

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