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Motorola Droid Pro coming in a cameraless version for security-conscious businessfolk?

Chris Ziegler

Traditionally, cameraless versions of smartphones designed for high-security work environments have been the exclusive playground of Windows Mobile and BlackBerry -- the enterprise mobile platforms companies have rallied around the most over the past decade -- but Motorola's Droid Pro seeks to give Android some serious enterprise street cred for the first time thanks to that glorious portrait QWERTY keyboard. To that end, it makes sense that they'd want to release a second version sans camera -- and a new leak speaking of "the new Enterprise-focused DROID phone without a camera" suggests that's exactly what's happening. Our trusted source says they're "99 percent positive" that's what we're looking at here; not a product for everyone, of course, but if you work in the government lab where they keep all the alien corpses, you'll probably be thanking your lucky stars.

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