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Motorola's mobile unit posts first operating profit in a long, long time

Chris Ziegler

As a whole, Motorola is no stranger to profit... thing is, Moto won't be "whole" for much longer, and when the split happens, we're sure it'd like all of its divisions to be profitable. The mobile unit, of course, has been the struggling one, trying to pull out of a multi-year post-RAZR nosedive under the leadership of CEO Sanjay Jha -- and it looks like his all-in bet on Android is starting to pay off at the bank on today's news that they've posted a non-GAAP operating profit of $3 million. Yes, sure, that's razor-thin when you consider that they sold some $2 billion worth of phones -- but these guys haven't seen black ink in three years, so it's definitely cause for celebration. Looking at the bigger picture, the entirety of Motorola posted non-GAAP earnings per share of 16 cents -- handily beating the estimate of 10 to 12 cents -- on sales of $5.8 billion. Not out of the woods yet, but certainly rolling toward the end of the year on a high note, we'd say.

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