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Noah's Ark is first game in SouthPeak edutainment line


With My Baby in a corporate custody battle, SouthPeak will try to tap the eager-to-learn demographic with a new line of educational products -- the first of which will be the biblically-inspired Tap and Teach: The Story of Noah's Ark for DS. Setting sail, er, floating through retail waters this November, the game is, according to SouthPeak CEO Melanie Mrox, part of a strategic initiative "designed to capture share of the rapidly expanding educational gaming sector."

SouthPeak's Noah's Ark -- not to be confused with Noah's Arc or Super 3D Noah's Ark -- is an interactive storybook designed to help kids ages 3–6 with their reading skills. The Tap and Teach franchise is marketed as "wholesome fun" -- the kind that parents can "trust." Rest assured, any minigame about "the birds and the bees" will be strictly about birds and bees.

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