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Sony says lack of cellular connection limits PSP, 'gamers aren't satisfied' with smartphone titles


Adding more fuel to the "PlayStation Phone is so totally happening" bonfire, Sony Computer Entertainment America's senior VP of marketing, Peter Dille, has told CNN that PSP in its current state isn't reaching its full potential, due to the fact that it lacks an always-on (read: cellular data network) connection. "The PSP is a Wi-Fi device," Dille stated, adding, "People are used to having always-connected devices." Devices like ... smartphones?

Dille spoke of Sony's goal to make the PlayStation Network "always accessible," admitting that the console maker can't "fully realize that vision with a Wi-Fi device," and saying that, "If it's not connected [to a cell network] then it does sort of limit people." Perhaps we might suggest a PSP that also incorporates cellphone functionality?

In another "read between the lines" comment, Dille talked up Sony's desire to deliver console-like gaming experience on a portable, saying of games for iPhone and other smartphones, "These are largely time-killers. Gamers aren't satisfied with that." In that case, we guess Sony should probably consider showing them how smartphone gaming should really be done.

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