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Found Footage: iPhone costume update includes working 40" LCD


In 2007, we saw the first generation iPhone in some comically large costumes (video on the next page). Last year we brought you the footage of Reko and John sporting giant TV screens with jailbroken iPhones powering the costumes. They used "updated" iPhones, but still sported square edges and no touchscreen interfaces. This year John Savio goes it alone with an updated, touchscreen iPhone 4 costume that's the best we've seen.

With a light on the back to simulate the LED camera light, a 40-inch LED LCD panel strapped to sandwich board and a 12-volt battery, the entire rig weighs 75 pounds. Quite a way to work off all that candy. Watch a painfully awkward yet strangely adorable video of the costume on the next page.

[via Switched and iPhoneSavior]

Here's the original 2007 costume:

Here's the updated 2009 model:

And here's the superriffic 2010 model with rear light action and magical touchscreen:

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