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'Hybrid' XBLA shooter announced by 5th Cell, due 2011

The countdown on Scribblenauts developer 5th Cell's site ran its course last night, revealing the somewhat surprising identity of the studio's next project: An Xbox Live Arcade third-person shooter called Hybrid. The game, which is built with the Source Engine, has players enlist in one of two opposing forces, Paladins or Variants. Aside from their titles, these two factions seem to exhibit other differences, as evidenced in the trailer posted after the jump. For instance, one's good at taking cover, while the other does parkour.

5th Cell promises that Hybrid will provide "a completely new gameplay experience never seen before in the genre," a claim that might not be so outrageous given the studio's innovations in the puzzle-platformer genre through its Scribblenauts series. If we were a betting site, we'd wager that the wall-to-ceiling-running shown in the trailer has something to do with said innovativeness -- but seeing as how Hybrid's due for release sometime in 2011, it might be a little too early for such baseless conjecture.

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