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Around Azeroth: You are so totally prepared

Anne Stickney

"Illidan was right," Meliore of <Craft of Sharkers> on Bloodscalp (EU-A) mused. "I totally wasn't prepared for that whole Burning Crusade thing. And when the Lich King's heralds showed up with a fleet of undead, I totally didn't expect that at all." In fact, it seemed like most of her life she'd been completely taken off guard by current events. But this time, this time she was ready. She'd heard about that whole busting up the world thing. She knew what was coming. And finally, at long last, Meliore was prepared. "Good job Meliore. You totally got this," Meliore thought, smug. She would've patted herself on the back if it didn't interfere with the parachute strings.

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